Basque Norte™, The Marinade

Basque Norte Marinade

Basque Norte™ Marinade

This popular marinade originated from the kitchen of Basque Norte™ Restaurant in 1975.  After all these years customers continue to enjoy the excellent flavor of Basque Norte™’s steaks.  They are unsurpassed!

Basque Norte™ is proud to have it’s marinade produced and marketed by Mooney Farms of Chico, California.  It is now available in many supermarkets in northern California. 

Family-owned Mooney Farms has established itself  worldwide as the producer of the award-winning gourmet line of Bella Sun Luci’s® sun dried tomato products.   At Basque Norte™ Restaurant our customers  have come to expect quality….and that is why our menu includes  sun dried tomato products and “Carne Asada™” meat marinade from Mooney Farms. 

If your favorite market does not carry Basque Norte™ Marinade you can order it direct from Mooney Farms.

For details on all their products visit (www. ), or give them a call at (530) 899-2661.

Marinating Tips:

Don’t be afraid to experiment……we’ve learned a lot of new recipes from customers who enjoy cooking with Basque Norte™ marinade and Carne Asada™ marinade.

At Basque Norte™ Restaurant your steak is not marinated until you order. The cook gets the order---submerses the steak in the marinade no longer than 10 minutes….then puts the steak on the hot-flame grill.  At the restaurant Carne Asada™ marinade is used on chicken, halibut, and shrimp.

Use the time-chart on the Basque Norte™ and Carne Asada™ marinade labels.   You may prefer the flavor of larger cuts such as tri-tip and prime-rib roast when marinated overnight.